McGregor’s coach predicts early finish

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Conor McGregor’s coach has predicted that the upcoming UFC featherweight title unification bout against Jose Aldo could be over in 60 seconds

McGregor, the interim champion, will face Brazil’s Aldo, the full featherweight title-holder, at UFC 194 on December 12.

The Irishman has made a habit of correctly predicting the results of his fights and now John Cavanagh has indulged in some of the same pre-fight talk that has made ‘Mystic Mac” a household name.

“I’ve said from the start that I can see this being a two-round fight, yet another part of me can see it being over in 60 seconds,” Kavanagh wrote in a column on

The Straight Blast Gym coach added that he expected Aldo to abandon his normal striking-based game plan and instead look to grapple with McGregor, who has won 16 of his 20 fights by knock-out and lost by submission in both of his two defeats.

“He’ll probably try to slow the pace down and initiate some grappling exchanges. However, with Conor’s fight IQ and the manner in which he can read situations, even if Aldo comes out with a completely new style and approach, it won’t take Conor long to work it out,” he said.

“It’s almost like The Matrix, in that he sees a new problem which is being presented, downloads the correct response from his brain and then executes the plan.

“I think it’s going to be really difficult for anybody at this stage to last longer than seven or eight minutes with Conor in that type of environment. If it’s not an extremely quick finish, I definitely can’t see it going beyond the second round.”

Aldo is the first and only fighter to ever hold the UFC featherweight title, has suffered defeat just one – 18 fights and over ten years ago – and holds first place in UFC’s pound for pound fighter rankings.