The dos and don’ts of fantasy football

The Bundesliga and FOX Sports Asia have partnered up to provide you with what promises to be an engaging and fun-filled fantasy football game. Whether you’re new to fantasy football or a seasoned pro, here are a few key points to remember as you embark on your fantasy football campaign…

The fantasy football dos:

1. Know the scoring system

It may seem like a silly point, but before you even start thinking about what players you’re going to pick, you need to know how they will score points. A hard-working midfielder may look great on the park, but if he doesn’t score goals or chip in with assists he’s unlikely to be a points machine. Know what kind of player you need to score highly.

2. Pick players who play

Again, a seemingly obvious statement but do your research of the pre-season fixtures and see who is likely to be in the respective starting line-ups. Just because a player did well at the Euros or Copa America doesn’t mean they’ll be the first name on the team-sheet for the new season.

3. Avoid new signings

New signings may end up being stars of the show, but in the early stages of the season, it can be a wise move to avoid them in order to gauge where they’re going to fit in at their new club and how much game-time they’ll get.

Newcomers are often eased into a side, meaning they may start from the bench, to begin with, but grow into roles in the first XI.

4. Pick a team, not just stars


There is a temptation to blow most of your budget on big-name players who may be guaranteed points scorers, but leave you with little to spend on the rest of your team.

Find a balance between including star players and not leaving yourself with a handful of bit-part players who don’t score many points.

5.Check the fixtures

Know who your players are playing against. If one of your players is up against Freiburg one week and Bayern the next you might want to make a transfer ahead of the clash with the defending champions. When selecting players a good or bad string of fixtures should also be a deciding point in whether or not to make the transfer.

The fantasy football don’ts:

1. Check your loyalties at the door

There are no prizes for loyalty, you need to be ruthless. Everyone has their favourite players and clubs, but just because you wear a players jersey doesn’t mean they have to be the star of your fantasy team.


2. Use your head, not your heart to make decisions

Don’t get too emotionally involved. Rational decisions are required, it’s a game of numbers not of feeling.

3. Don’t forget to have fun

It’s a game and we’re all in it to win it, but Football Manager is about having fun not giving yourself grey hairs over the state of your team.

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