Eight tips for picking a winning Fantasy Manager team

It’s fantasy football time, with the Bundesliga unveiling Fantasy Manager which is sure to keep you entertained during the 2016/17 Bundesliga season.

We’ve compiled a few handy tips to ensure you select a winning team…

1. Check valuations
Sometimes players who are busy on the park aren’t always raking in the points and therefore have a low valuation. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking a player who performs well will score points.

2. Study set pieces
Knowing who takes the set pieces for a team can be crucial. Corner and penalty takers are always high scorers and having them in your team is key.

3. Double up in defence at your peril
Unless a team has a consistently rock-solid defence there is a danger in picking defenders and your goalkeeper from the same team. If you do so and that team suffers a heavy defeat then your entire game week takes a hit rather than one player not contributing.

4. Look for players who are playing out of position
There are times when a player plays in a different position to the one listed in the fantasy game and this can be a real points-earner. A look to the Premier League fantasy game provides a perfect example of this point. Eden Hazard of Chelsea is listed as a midfielder but really plays more as an attacker and so allows you to double up on attacking options.

5. Find the attacking defenders
Defenders don’t score points from clean sheets alone. There are many defenders who either pose a threat from set plays or full-backs who provide a string of assists from delivers from out wide.

6. Look at promoted clubs
There are always hidden gems in the promoted clubs and the quicker you find them the better.

7. Pick a balanced team
Putting all your eggs in one (or a few baskets) by selecting multiple players from the same team can be a risky strategy. Rather look for a balance that makes you a winner regardless of the results.

8. Research
All of the above tips point to one thing: research. If you want to do well in Fantasy Manager you need to know which are the best players to purchase and when. Your gut feel alone is unlikely to see you topping the leaderboard at the end of the season.

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