Bale: A man of many talents

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Earlier this year, Bale took part in the NBA's official half-court challenge and managed to sink three out of his five efforts. No mean feat, especially considering that he was the first footballer to sink more than one attempt.

Bale revealed that he had become quite fond after basketball after a holiday in Miami.

"I just got into basketball by watching it on TV and I think one summer I was in Miami on holiday and they were playing in the Finals and just from then I have been really intrigued by it and enjoy watching it. Just kind of from there I have supported the Heat and obviously LeBron James being there before was a big reason in that," said the Welshman.

"My favorite player is probably LeBron James. I think anyone who watches basketball knows he is the best player at the moment. He literally can do everything on the court and he’s always exciting to watch."

It would now appear that Bale has been using his off-season break to hone some basketball skills of a different kind.

That's pretty impressive.