McGrath comments on Tendulkar v Kohli debate

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Former Australia fast bowler, Glenn McGrath, has added his opinion to the many who others that have been offered regarding the Sachin Tendulkar vs Virat Kohli debate.

McGrath believes that while Kohli is an undeniable talent, he still has a lot to prove before he can be compared with Tendulkar.

The two men have different styles and personalities, something McGrath touched on.

The quick said: “Virat (Kohli) and Sachin (Tendulkar) are different personalities,

“(But) there is no doubt that Sachin is one of the all-time greats.

“Virat is confident; he has got this attitude to batting. He does not back down.

“Sachin was positive and confident and went about his business.”

McGrath admitted to being a big admirer of Kohli's aggressive approach to the game, which is a touch more abrasive than Tendulkar ever was.

The former paceman added: “Virat brings a different level of attitude to the game which I like and I think that will hold him in good stead,

“I think he will be around for a long time.

“Virat probably comes a bit harder at you, considering the (impact of the) T20 format.”

McGrath confessed that he had reservations about the effect T20 cricket would have on the global game, and even though he has a come around a little on the format, he still believes that Test cricket is the game's ultimate form.

He commented: “Test cricket is still the ultimate and young people should hold it in high regard,

“I used to have concerns about T20 cricket and its impact on the game but I think it can have a positive impact by bringing new people into the game to watch it and to play.

“That might filter up to the Test level.

“You look at the guys like Virat, AB de Villiers, Steve Smith, Joe Root – they are quality Test players and are also up there with the best in T20.

“You still need to be a quality batsman to succeed at T20 level too.”