Diaz coach: Judges favoured McGregor

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Nate Diaz’s coach, Richard Perez, believes that the judges scored in Conor McGregor’s favour at UFC 202 last month in order to make sure a third fight between the pair was on the cards.

McGregor won the gruelling five-round bout via majority decision to avenge his loss to Diaz at UFC 196, where he was made to submit in the second round.

Perez admitted that he had a feeling McGregor would emerge victorious after the fight went the distance and added that he feels the UFC are looking to profit as much as possible from the rivalry that has formed between the Irishman and Diaz.

“He was just looking at the clock. I knew that they were going to give that second round to McGregor, and the fight itself because I figure they wanted a third fight,” he told Submission Radio. “A company just bought it out – they want to make more money. A lot of people know that he didn’t win that fight.”

Perez also had no doubts that Diaz would have defeated McGregor again had the Stockton native not succumbed to knee and rib injuries in the lead-up to the bout.

“If Nate wasn’t injured, McGregor would’ve got stopped,” he said. “If it went another 30 seconds, Nate would’ve tapped him out because Conor was ready to go anyway.

“He was in good shape before the second fight, but the knee set him back along with the rib. He couldn’t train for the last three weeks. Nate couldn’t back out because he’d be sidelined and they’d have gave someone else the chance like they did with Dos Anjos.”