Haye paying no attention to Briggs’ trash talk

Former two-division world champion David Haye is ignoring trash talk by former WBO heavyweight champion Shannon Briggs who wants to face him in the ring. 

Briggs (60-6-1, 53KOs) took to social media on Instagram to demand a fight after the duo had impressed so far in 2016. Briggs floored Emilio Zarate in the first round in May, while Haye (28-2, 26KOs) has won two fights this year.

“Look at him softer than a cheese biscuit. What’s his excuse now? I fought on your show. I did my part. I showed up. The people came out. The WBA are giving you a title shot I heard. Say what you want but I ain’t boring. Be a man Davey. Come out and play,” Briggs stated on Instagram.

But Haye is not being drawn into facing Briggs anytime soon.

“I have learned over the years it’s best to simply ignore it and rise above. People who direct negativity towards another are often struggling with their own insecurities, and retaliation to these people only gives them a sense of worth and purpose,” Haye said.

“As a kid, it used to hurt my feelings when the haters said disrespectful things about me, but with age and experience, one learns how to shield this negativity. It can take a lifetime to build a monument, but only one single match to burn it all down in hours.

“Many people in our society (particularly on social media) spend much of their time diminishing others’ flames to give their weak flame the allusion of it appearing brighter. I’m confident in my body of work inside and outside of the ring, no one can rightfully use words to bring me down for the count.”