Golovkin avoiding emphatic victory

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In bizarre fashion, Gennady Golovkin has admitted that while he will be out to beat Kell Brook on Saturday at the 02 Arena, he does not want to do so convincingly as that might scare off other competitors.

Golovkin currently holds the unified WBA, WBC, IBF and IBO middleweight titles. His professional career has seen him fight 35 times and return 35 victories, 32 by knock-out.

On the weekend he faces Brook who has come up two weight divisions to participate in the scrap. With a record of 36 fights and 36 victories, 25 by knock-out, Brook is also undefeated.

Those numbers do not scare Golovkin in the slightest though.

The 34-year-old Kazakhstani has little doubt that he will win on Saturday.

In fact, his main concern is not looking too good so as to scare off the likes of Saul Alvarez, a fighter who Golovkin desperately wants to battle as he always brings with him a big pay-day.

"If I look good [on Saturday], he’s not ready," Golovkin said of Canelo to latimes.com.

"If I look terrible, he’s ready. This is his strategy, Golden Boy strategy."

When asked if he might choose to look bad on purpose to try and get the Canelo fight, Golovkin said: "Maybe, some time, maybe. Why not? Good strategy [to get the Canelo fight]."

As for his career ambitions, Golovkin made no bones about the fact that he wanted all the middleweight belts in his possession.

"Hopefully if the fight is good, I'll come back in November or December," Golovkin continued.

"My goal is all of the belts in the middleweight division."