Bisping: Three title defences before I retire

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Michael Bisping says he wants to defend his UFC middleweight belt three times before walking away from the UFC.

In the build-up to UFC 199 where Chris Weidman was set to challenge Luke Rockhold for the middleweight belt, the former got injured and Bisping was offered the fight at short notice. At 37 years of age, the Briton was hardly in a position to turn such an opportunity down and he agreed to the scrap.

In one of the most stunning upsets in the UFC, Bisping won via knock-out in the first round to become the UFC middleweight champion.

Since then, he was been called-out by almost every middleweight fighter, an indication of the lack of respect he has in the company.

While Bisping has agreed to fight Dan Henderson at UFC 204 in October because he believes he has bad blood with the veteran after he continued hitting him when he had clearly been knocked-out, he has assured the rest of the division that he wants to defend the title at least three times before retiring.

"Everyone wants it," Bisping said of his belt to

"Everyone wants what you've got and there’s a lot of good fighting talent out there. But I haven't worked this hard, this tirelessly, I haven't gotten covered in this many scars, I used to be a good looking guy back in the day believe it or not.

"I haven't messed myself up this hard to win a belt and lose it against Dan Henderson.

"I would like to do three title defences and then who knows, maybe three.

"Win three and retire, right? But it’s always easy to say that. The allure of going back and of course I like to get paid, money’s good.

"I'm only 37, I plan on living for another 60 years if possible. I don't think I'll make it though, another ten if I'm lucky!

"Dan Henderson’s retiring soon, I owe him one, I'll take care of that and then whoever’s next we can do."