Bisping lashes out at Weidman

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Michael Bisping believes that former middleweight champion Chris Weidman is jealous of the fact that he defeated Luke Rockhold and won the title. 

Bisping became the first-ever British UFC champion when he knocked out Rockhold in the first round at UFC 199 in June.

Weidman was one of the first fighters to call out Bisping following his victory over Rockhold, but the veteran opted to take on Dan Henderson as he wants revenge for his loss to the 46-year-old at UFC 100 in July 2009.

Weidman has been highly critical of Bisping ever since he won the title, but as of late he has attacked the Briton on a more consistent basis.

In a column for, Bisping accused Weidman of being envious of the fact that he was able to beat Rockhold, whereas the New York native lost his middleweight title to Rockhold at UFC 194 last December.

“I think Chris is really embarrassed that I knocked out the guy that dominated him and beat the living c*** out of him,” Bisping wrote. “He should be embarrassed that as a guy who calls himself a black belt in jiu-jitsu and some kind of crazy skilled wrestler, he was mounted by Rockhold, and had something like a hundred strikes landed on him. The referee should’ve called that fight after the third round.

“Where were his mount escapes? He should be embarrassed more for the fact that he got his ass absolutely kicked, but I went out there and knocked Luke out in the first round.”

Bisping also suggested that it would be better if Weidman did his talking in the Octagon as it would improve his chances of getting another title shot.

“Why should he be embarrassed that I’m the champ? I mean, really, it’s about time that Chris Weidman just shuts the (expletive) up,” Bisping added. “He’s acting like a little (expletive), and we all know it. Everybody is sick of him and all that whining. He’s always feeling sorry for himself and making excuses.

“Quit being a little (expletive), Chris. Get back in the cage, win a fight and then maybe we can talk.”