Fury: Boxing is all Tyson knows

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Peter Fury remains adamant that Tyson Fury will return to boxing, explaining that the sport is the disgraced fighter’s life.

Tyson Fury has had quite some week.

After it emerged that he was suffering from depression and using cocaine and drinking alcohol as a result, he was stripped of his heavyweight belts and had his boxing license suspended.

However, his uncle and trainer, Peter Fury, is certain that the Gypsy King will be back to challenge for the heavyweight belts sooner rather than later as boxing is all he has.

“Absolutely, you will see him in the ring again,” the 48-year-old told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“I was with him yesterday, me and his dad [John], and just listening to him speak and the way he is. Boxing is in his life, it’s in his blood, it’s in his veins. He doesn’t know anything else.

“He’s just frustrated. When you lose interest in everything and you can’t see the meaning of anything – clearly you’ve got a problem.

“He’s addressing it now and we spoke for three and a half, four hours yesterday. The treatment he’s had already is doing him a lot of good.

“He hasn’t got a drug addiction, he just did a stupid thing. He’s not going into any clinics for drug abuse. He’s got manic depression, which is a version of bipolar disorder.

“They said over a period of the next few months he should start to respond, and progress.

“He’s in the pinnacle of his career, he’s only 28 years of age. He’s got a massive future.”