Dyke: FIFA can’t rebuild with Blatter

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Dyke’s forthright comments came after extraordinary events in Zurich and New York on Wednesday as FIFA endured the darkest day in its scandal-strewn history with US investigators blowing the lid on “rampant, systemic, and deep-rooted” corruption.

The FA chairman rounded on Blatter and dismissed the FIFA president’s statement in which he said that he??welcomed the investigations by U.S and Swiss authorities.

Dyke said: “Blatter has put out a statement saying now is the time to start rebuilding the trust in FIFA. There is no way of rebuilding trust in FIFA while Sepp Blatter is still there.

“Sepp Blatter has to go. He either has to go through a resignation, or he has to be out-voted or we have to find a third way.

“I think the time has come where the damage this has done to FIFA is so great that it can’t be rebuilt while Blatter is there, so UEFA has got to try to force him out.”

UEFA has called for Friday’s presidential election to be postponed in the wake of Wednesday’s revelations, and its member associations are meeting on Thursday to discuss a boycott of the entire FIFA congress in Zurich.

But Dyke, who called on Blatter to quit on the day seven FIFA officials were arrested as part of a United States-led corruption investigation, has said he believes this week’s events could help deliver Prince Ali to power.

Prince Ali issued two statements on Wednesday after it emerged two separate FIFA-related criminal investigations had begun – the US-led operation and a Swiss probe into the bidding processes for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

The first statement referred to “a sad day for football” while the second demanded an end to the “crisis” engulfing football’s governing body.

???We cannot continue with the crisis in FIFA,” said the Jordanian, who is currently serving as one of the organisation’s seven vice-presidents. “A crisis that has been ongoing and is not just relevant to the events of today.

“FIFA needs leadership that governs guides and protects our national associations. Leadership that accepts responsibility for its actions and does not pass blame.

“Leadership that restores confidence in the hundreds of millions of football fans around the world.???

The impact of this week’s events in Zurich continue to stretch far beyond the world of football, meanwhile, with Russian president Vladimir Putin accusing the US of acting “beyond its jurisdiction”.

Putin called Wednesday’s arrests a “clear attempt” to disrupt Blatter’s bid for a fifth term and said Russia would continue to support the president.