Rehman: Pahang should go through

PSM Makassar – Flying under the radar in AFC Cup 2019

Pahang were forced to return back to Kuala Lumpur after Rehman, Argentinean striker Matias Conti, Nigerian forward Dickson Nwakaema and Jamaican defender Damion Stewart were not allowed to enter Indonesia due to visa problems. 

This led to their game on Tuesday being postponed, which subsequently led to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) launching an investigation into the matter. 

The AFC are set to make a decision on which team will advance to the AFC Cup quarter-finals on Friday. 

But the British-born Pakistan international feels that it is only fair if Pahang go through due to the Football Association of Indonesia's (PSSI) poor handling of the situation. 

"I think Pahang should progress to the quarter-final as our association ticked all the necessary requirements," Rehman told Gulf News. "The club did it all in the right time frame.

"I think it will work against the Indonesian club, who could be out. It is a shame if the Indonesian club misses out but the AFC must stick to the rule book, which I’m sure they will.

"It is frustrating because we prepared well for the game, but as players it is out of our hands so we can’t worry too much."