Flamini: FA Cup my priority

Colin Cowherd knows exactly how No. 3 Notre Dame and No. 12 Syracuse will end on Saturday

The French midfielder has started 21 games this season, but the last of those came against Middlesbrough back in mid-February.

Francis Coquelin’s form has kept his compatriot on the bench since then, but with Saturday’s trip to Wembley imminent Flamini’s personal situation is not a priority.

Asked if he would be happy sitting on the bench next season he said: “Let’s say I’m happy to be part of the club and looking forward to winning another trophy. That for me is the most important.

“I don’t think the personal situation of every player is important, I think the collective is more important, especially in a situation where we’re about to play an FA Cup final.”

Arsenal have been beaten just twice since Flamini’s last start, and he said: “It’s a situation I accept. Competition makes you better, but there’s not much to say when the team is winning every single game – you just have to accept it. I’m looking forward.”