Camier not concerned ahead of Donington

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Camier feels that if his set-up is spot on he will be able to challenge the top six but perfecting the electronic strategy for the Esses, Melbourne Loop and Goddards section is the key.

In a chat with, Camier said that he felt the Donington track was a tough place to set a bike up felt they were up to the challenge. 

"I believe Donington is one of the hardest places to set a bike up for the circuit. The start of the lap is so different to the end of the lap; it makes it quite hard. I was only getting a couple of laps out of each set of tyres before it was becoming a real struggle to ride around last year," said Camier.

"It isn't really a track where you need a whole lot of power, it's not like they should really get away from me. The hard part for us is going to be the hairpins, the approach and going into them – if we get the electronics absolutely perfect then coming out of them shouldn't be so bad and then we just need to make sure the bike is good on tyres.

"At the minute we're lacking a bit of edge grip when we've got it on the toe, but on a flowing circuit I can sometimes make it work so it just depends,” he said.

According to Camier, If the electronics are spot on then things will be a lot easier on race day. 

"I don't know how the weekend will go, but it is really important to get the electronics set-up, it's going to be crucial around there. 

"Especially with the tyres, if they do what the tyres did last year, the electronics need to be right. If the engine brake isn't set up right, you back up loads and you can't turn in and the same on the exit of a corner. 

"If we can get that right then I can maybe have a good time," he added.