Vettel: No margin for error

The thrill of Monaco never ceases to amaze Sebastian Vettel with the Ferrari driver expecting another exciting race behind the wheel.

Although many fans don't rate the Monte Carlo street circuit highly, it is a different story for the drivers as the track is one of the most challenging on the F1 calendar.

"I know some people think this is a boring race to watch on television, but for those who are doing the driving, that’s absolutely not the case," he told the official Ferrari website.

"If you start down the field, you have to fight non-stop to try and make up some places, while those who are out in front can’t allow themselves to be distracted for a moment for the entire race.

"As for the set-up, Monaco requires a specific one, different to the other tracks, to navigate your way through the very tight corners of the Principality. You need to be quick down the straights and agile through the twisty bits, as is the case at almost all street circuits."

Qualifying will play a crucial role in the outcome of this weekend's race due to the limited overtaking opportunities and Vettel knows the importance of giving your all on the Saturday.

He added: "There is so much tradition associated with the Monaco street circuit, where you race down very narrow roads, with no margin for error.

"You have to maintain total concentration all the time and give 100 percent on your qualifying lap, because overtaking in the race is almost impossible."