Lorenzo: I have faith in Team Yamaha

There have been rumours doing the rounds that the two-time champion was looking to move to the Ducati team after his poor start to the season, but Yamaha team boss Lin Jarvis has shot down speculation saying Lorenzo would be with the team in 2016.

In a chat with Motorsport.com, the Spaniard said that he has never doubted Yamaha's faith in his abilities.

"I've never had doubts regarding Yamaha's faith in me," he told Motorsport.com.

"From my side I never complained about the way Yamaha treated me; in fact I think it's the best team to be with. It's just I wanted to demonstrate that I could be as competitive as I was in the past with Yamaha.

"I'm pretty sure of what I want to do in the early future – and it's only to win again with Yamaha," he added.