Chong Wei: My desire to compete still burns strong

After winning the All England Badminton Championships on Sunday, Lee Chong Wei has warned his competitors that he is as hungry for success as ever.

On Sunday Chong Wei dismissed, in no uncertain terms, the challenge of Shi Yuqi in the final of the All England Championship to claim his fourth event-title.

That victory reaffirmed his position atop the global rankings.

Nearing the closing chapters of what has been a decorated but tumultuous career, Chong Wei insists he is not done just yet.

In 2014, Chong Wei was banned for eight months for doping. During that time his ranking slipped to 181st and many thought he would never recover to be the player that he once was.

How wrong those critics have been.

Having returned to Malaysia earlier this week in order to prepare for the Indian Open which starts on the 28th of March and then his home open which starts on the fourth of April, Chong Wei has stated that there is plenty that he still wants to achieve in the sport… a scary thought for his rivals.

“I wasn’t at 100% during the All-England as I was still recovering from my knee injury,” said Chong Wei.

“But when I go on court, the injury doesn’t bother me. I know I’m on my way back to my best.

“The All-England is one of my favourite tournaments and, having won it for the fourth time, I can feel the desire to compete still burning strongly in me.

“I’m still looking to play more. I’m definitely looking to win the Malaysian Open for the 12th time.

“What motivates me more this year is to do well in the major events. We’ve never won the Sudirman Cup and also the world meet.

“The World Championships will be especially challenging because it’s still a few more months away. It’s important to stay motivated until then.

“It’s hard to compare the All-England to the world meet.

“I’ve won the All-England before, so maybe there wasn’t so much pressure last week.

“Since I’ve never won the world title, there’s going to be different sort of pressure on me.

“So, my preparation will be to deal with that kind of pressure.”

Chong Wei has previously said that the 2016 Olympic Games would be his last. However, he still does not have a gold medal in his trophy cabinet at home. When questioned on taking part in the global showpiece in 2020, he certainly never ruled out the possibility.

“It’s still too early to say, I cannot promise I’ll play,” Chong Wei smiled.

“It’s better to focus on what’s important this year.”

Leave the history books for now, Chong Wei is still writing.