Mayweather challenges McGregor to bet fight purse

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Floyd Mayweather challenged Conor McGregor to bet his first purse on the outcome of next month’s showdown, in the second leg of their world promotional tour.

In front of 16,000 fans in Toronto, the pair were involved in another expletive-laden exchange, as they further attempted to build attention for their August 26 clash in Las Vegas.

UFC lightweight champion McGregor will bank the biggest payday of his career against Mayweather, as he enters a professional boxing ring for the first time.

And during more fierce face-to-face exchanges in Canada on Wednesday, Mayweather challenged McGregor to wager his windfall on the outcome of the encounter.

“If you believe in yourself like you say, bet your whole fight cheque you *****. Let’s see if this ***** wanna bet this,” said Mayweather.

McGregor appeared happy to oblige to Mayweather’s challenge after the Irishman generally won the verbal contests.

As in Los Angeles on Tuesday, McGregor again taunted Mayweather for his dress sense and age.

“He looks like a little break dancer or something, a little 12 year old break dancer,” said McGregor.

“What the ****, he’s 40. You're 40 years of age, dress your ******* age. Carrying a school bag on stage.

“What you doing with a school bag on stage? You can't even read.”