British Grand Prix: Race as it happened

Follow all the action from Race Day at the British Grand Prix live right here.

21:40 It’s been an enthralling and high-octane British Grand Prix, and thank you for joining us! Please do join us in two weeks’ time as F1 visits Hungary, and until then, take care! Bye for now.

21:37 Here’s the order for you! Ricciardo has roared his way up to P5, while Vettel has to settle for P7, and sees his championship lead cut to one point.

21:30 And that makes five British wins for Lewis Hamilton! A great effort by Bottas for P2! Raikkonen does well for P3!

21:28 Puncture for Vettel! The German is in trouble! A torrid day for Ferrari! He just about makes the pits! He’s out in P6.

21:26 Raikkonen has a puncture! The Finn is crawling! Bottas is past! So is Vettel! Now Raikkonen pits! Oh no, he was doing well until this misfortune! Hamilton still doing the business out front.

21:22 We’re into the final few laps now. Hamilton has matters well in hand, and Bottas is trying chase down Raikkonen for P2, but needs to bridge a six-second gap. Vettel is struggling on his tyres and is seemingly nursing his Ferrari to the line.

21:17 Bottas hunts down Vettel. They go side-by-side! Vettel holds him off! But no! Bottas is trying again with the DRS! He’s done it! Bottas is P3 and still flying!

21:12 The modern-day Flying Finn is turning up the wick a little. The gap between P3 and P4 is 2 seconds flat.

21:07 Alonso has been called in to retire, which he does. Ricciardo has pitted and emerged P10, but quickly passes Perez and Ocon for P9 and P8. And Magnussen too, P7 for the Honey Badger! Bottas is bridging the gap and is 3 seconds behind Vettel.

21:02 Bottas is in! The Silver Finn takes on supersoft tyres and will go to the end. He emerges in P4, 5.6 seconds behind Vettel. It could get hairy for the championship leader…

20:57 Hamilton is currently serene out front. Bottas may well fight with Vettel before the end…

20:52 Hamilton pits and rejoins in the lead. Bottas, in P2, is attempting to pull out enough of a gap to jump Vettel.

20:47 Ferrari’s problems aren’t over yet. Bottas (P3, yet to pit) is showing good pace on his soft tyres and could complicate things for Vettel later on. Raikkonen pits from P2 and takes on softs. He’s P3 now, behind Bottas, but ahead of Vettel.

20:42 Verstappen responds to Vettel and pits but Red Bull are a little slower than Ferrari and the German zooms past! Bottas is now P3 on his soft tyres and is instructed to push. Meanwhile, Ricciardo is up to P9.

20:38 Order update. Vettel tries to sell Verstappen a dummy, but the Red Bull man is wise to it and retains P3. The German pits! He’s had enough of this! It’s a sharp stop and he rejoins in P6 on a set of softs.

20:33 Vettel and Verstappen have gone wheel-to-wheel, with the Dutchman holding the German off! The crowd are being thoroughly entertained! Bottas is busy creeping up on the pair…

20:28 Kvyat has been handed a drive-through penalty for rejoining the track in an unsafe fashion. Hamilton holds a neat 2.5 second lead over Raikkonen, with Verstappen a further five seconds back.

20:23 Verstappen continues to frustrate Vettel, while Bottas has made his way up to P5. Ricciardo is heading in the right direction again and is P14. Meanwhile, the two Saubers have gone wheel to wheel over P16.

20:18 We’re back and racing! Hamilton still leads the way, with Vettel on the tail of Verstappen! Ricciardo had made his way up to P12, but went off circuit and is now P18.

20:13 Sainz’ stricken Toro Rosso is being cleared away.

20:10 Okay, for real now. Lights on, lights out, GO! Hamilton leads them away! Verstappen is past Vettel and into P3! Bottas is up to P7! Sainz is off the circuit and his day is done! The Spaniard was hit by teammate Daniil Kvyat! Safety Car! Wow! All action!

20:05 A hydraulics problem for Palmer on the formation lap! Aborted start, around they go again.

20:00 Formation lap time, Hamilton leads the pack around…

19:55 Five more minutes, final preparations…

19:50 As usual, things are a little gloomy at Silverstone…

19:45 15 minutes left. Victory for Hamilton today would see him equal the British Grand Prix wins tally of the late, great Jim Clark, F1 world champion in 1963 and 1965.

19:40 A word of congratulations to the ever-advancing younger generation, as three of them reach an important F1 milestone!

19:35 Of course, apart from the front three, we should keep our eyes on the men in P4 and P5, Max Verstappen and Nico Hulkenberg. The Dutchman is due a bit of luck after five retirements in his last seven outings, often while in strong positions. As for Hulkenberg, his P5 grid spot is the highest achieved by Renault since their re-entry into the sport as a full works team.

19:30 It’s unlikely we’ll see a new winner around Silverstone today, but who can say?

19:25 Another driver who has it all to do is Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian has been on a great run of late, with five consecutive podium finishes, including a victory in Baku. Today, he starts in P19 due to a turbo problem yesterday.

19:20 Meanwhile, today will be a big test for Valtteri Bottas, and in particular, his performance under pressure. After the high of winning in Austria, the Finn produced a scruffy qualifying effort, which was only good enough for P4. With a five-place penalty for a gearbox change factored in, the Mercedes man starts in P9. How far can he progress up the order today?

19:15 The front of the grid has a familiar look to it. Hamilton will be kept company on the front row by Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari, with title rival Sebastian Vettel one spot behind in P3. Of course, back in 2007, it was Raikkonen who ultimately triumphed on the Sunday.

19:10 It was Lewis Hamilton that stormed to pole yesterday with a phenomenal lap at the end of Q3. That effort gives him pole position number 67, one shy of the record held by the great Michael Schumacher.

19:05 There is, as usual, a phenomenal atmosphere at the site where it all began back in 1950.

19:00 Hello again, welcome back for FOX Sports Asia’s coverage of Race Day at the British Grand Prix. In one hour, we get down to business, so get ready!

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