Justino not in it for the fame

Cristane ‘Cyborg’ Justino revealed that she has not come to the UFC for fame and fortune, but rather to try and make difference in the sport.

What does making a difference entail? Well for one, the Brazilian is eager to stand up for all the women fighters in the UFC, starting by campaigning for more weight classes.

The former StrikeForce women’s featherweight champion indicated that you cannot make a difference by simply going with the flow.

“I can’t be just another one in the UFC,” the 32-year-old told MMA Junkie.

“If I say amen to everything people say, I’ll be just another one. And I never wanted to be just another one. I want to make a difference. I want to improve this sport. I want to be remembered by the other athletes not only as the world champion but as someone who made a difference.

“I try to fight for improvements for fighters, the same way I fought for women to have more divisions. I’ll keep fighting whenever I think something’s wrong, even if it might hurt me. I’m in there to make a difference. I’m not there just for status. Giving things to me just to keep me quiet? No, I believe that doesn’t corrupt me.

“I believe in making the sport better. I’m an athlete, and I know that I won’t fight forever. One day I won’t fight anymore, and what happens after that? I have to make things better for the athletes who come after me.”

Prompting these words Justino’s rough introduction to the UFC, where she tested positive for a banned substance but was later awarded a retroactive therapeutic use exemption, as it was medication to help her recover from a serious weight cut.

Justino is set to face Invicta women’s bantamweight champion Tonya Evinger for the vacant UFC title at UFC 214 on 29 July.