Malignaggi: McGregor wanted fight stopped

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UFC star Conor McGregor was widely lauded following his brave 10th-round TKO loss to boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in their Las Vegas superfight at the weekend.

Now, rival Paul Malignaggi, who was involved in a heated war of words with the McGregor camp following accusations they had manipulated footage of the two sparring, has given his verdict on the Irishman’s boxing debut.

In an interview with iFL TV, the former world champion said that the decision to end the fight was correct and that McGregor was looking for the fight to end.

“At the end, he basically let himself get stopped,” Malignaggi said

“He was stumbling around like he was hurt all over the place. He was hurt, but he wasn’t that hurt. So, stop stumbling around, bro. Stop stumbling around. He was looking for a way out of the fight.

“He said after the fight that he should’ve let him finish the round; you cannot go a minute straight, without punching, and be assaulted for that minute straight, and expect the ref to not stop the fight.”

Malignaggi continued, suggesting that McGregor’s punching lacked the necessary power to be a success in the boxing ring.

“Those early rounds, when you first see the guy, it does throw you off a bit,” said the American.

“If he can add dimensions to that, maybe he can be effective in his only little weird, strange way.

“The guy can’t punch. You saw, he only throws arm punches. He doesn’t know how to translate his weight on his shots in boxing. There was nothing on those shots. I was ringside; there was literally nothing on those shots. But his points, his sharp little movements — awkward little movements — it won him a couple rounds. Gotta give credit where credit is due.”

“He doesn’t know how to punch hard in boxing, because there’s a way you translate your weight into your shots, and he just doesn’t do it.

“Don’t get me wrong; a couple decent body shots he threw tonight, I was impressed. Even a couple uppercuts. With that, he was impressive. Overall, it’s a lot of tippity-tap shots he was doing.”