Sexism, drugs, alcohol affecting NZ rugby?

A damning report has revealed that alcohol abuse, sexism and a sense of entitlement among players are issues that need to be addressed by New Zealand Rugby (NZR).

NZR commissioned a "respect and responsibility review" in 2016. This was as a result of numerous scandals involving players, including the assault of a woman who was hired to strip at a team party.

36 cases of misconduct were investigated that took place over the last four years.

In more than half of these cases, alcohol and drug use played a major role.

The review's author, New Zealand Law Society president Kathryn Beck, believes that the biggest problems that need to be addressed are the impact and use of alcohol, behaviour towards women, and sense of entitlement in some players.

The review states that "prior to and in 2016 began to undermine rugby's place" in New Zealand society and "no longer reflected contemporary values and expected behaviours".

NZR chairman Brent Impey added: "undertaking any significant culture change in any organisation is complex and takes time.

"The NZR board is committed to setting a long-term programme for action that will deliver a number of activities in the short, medium and long-term.

"Rugby has long been held up as one of the unique vehicles for New Zealanders to feel connected to each other, to be inspired, and be great members of their communities.

"We want to play our part in those opportunities and ensure rugby plays a positive role in our society."