Tew pours water on Forrest plan

New Zealand rugby union boss Steve Tew has dismissed suggestions that Kiwi sides would join Andrew Forrest's Indo-Pacific competition.

Forrest plans to create 'the IPL of rugby' which would include teams from Japan, Fiji and New Zealand.

However, New Zealand rugby have a contract with Sanzaar which commits them to Super Rugby and will only reassess the matter in 2020 when the contract is due to expire.

"Not between now and 2020," Tew told Stuff of the prospect.

"We're committed to Sanzaar and that's the end of it. We've got our own domestic competition, we've got a Super Rugby competition that we love, and that's it."

Tew has warned Forrest that it will not be an easy feat to set up the competition in the region.

"But anybody that attempts to set up a professional rugby competition in this part of the world will see how hard it is.

"At some point in time Australia and/or Sanzaar should probably have some dialogue with him."

Tew admitted he admired Forrest's passion for the game but that unfortunately his offer to help resolve the issue came a 'little bit late'.

"But he came into the picture a little bit late. At this stage it's an Australian issue," he said. "We're working on a long-term strategy for Sanzaar. If there is a possibility of that person, or anyone else, wanting to be involved we'll have those discussions."

Meanwhile, Tew is relieved that all the uncertainty surrounding Super Rugby's future has been put to bed.

"We were always told by our Australian colleagues they were confident they had made good decisions and done them properly, and I guess a pretty thorough judicial process has now confirmed that.

"Sanzaar is now getting on with the draw."