Clarke: We’ll handle pressure

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Australia’s four titles make them the most successful team in World Cup history but only Clarke, Shane Watson and Mitchell Johnson survive from their last triumph in 2007, and Australia has never won the trophy on home soil.

“I think the boys will be fine,??? Clarke said.

“I think you’ve seen the guys handle it really well throughout the tournament, the way the boys played in the quarter-final against Pakistan was extremely pleasing. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

“Expectation is there because we are the number one ranked team in the world, the expectation is put on you because you have performed.??

“Individually, you feel that on a day-to-day basis as an international sportsman. There’s been a lot of talk about pressure and expectation but that comes with the role.

“We have some older players who have the experience of playing in World Cups, who have the experience of winning World Cups, and we have some younger players with unbelievable talent, no fear at all.???

While a loss to New Zealand in the group round tarred their run to the semi-final, Clarke insists the secret to progressing this far has been in doing the same things consistently well. A plan they continue to take through to Thursday. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ????

“As big as this event is, as a player, it’s no different to any other game,” he said.

“I think you don’t do yourself justice if your attitude changes because of the event.

“Our focus for the last couple of years has been the consistency of preparation, which has given us the consistency of performance.”

But his plan on how to win was simple as he added: “We have to score one more run than India.” ??