Jones: Mayweather is more dangerous now

Pacquiao ignores Thurman’s insults at news conference ahead of fight

Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight each other on May 2 in Las Vegas in a unification bout for the WBO/WBA/WBC welterweight titles.

Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach, has told media that he thinks Mayweather has lost his edge and adds that he has slowed down especially in his legs which will count against him when the two superstars face each other.

Jones does agree that Mayweather may have slowed a bit but other things like his punching power have got better over time.

The fact that he can't do things at 38 that he did at 28 makes him more dangerous," Jones told CBS Sports

"He's always been a great puncher, but he's never had to use it because he was so much better than everyone skillfully, and he had so much athleticism that he hasn't had to depend on his punching power," said Jones.

"Pacquiao may think he'll be able to outwork him and not worry about (Mayweather's) power because he hasn't had to use it. Now that he's gotten older he will use his power, and that's going to be a bigger problem for Pacquiao. 

"Because, to me, the only way for him to beat Pacquiao is to get him out of there," he added.