Advocaat: Points more important than style

Pep Guardiola has some serious dance moves

Advocaat's comments come after his side remained one point clear of the Premier League relegation zone following a disappointing 1-0 loss to West Ham at Upton Park on Saturday.

"I said the only important thing in the final eight games is winning, the way that we do is not important, so if we win games very ugly I like that, play very negative if the need is there," Advocaat told Sky Sports. "I have seen a team who likes to work, so I am pleased. It showed that if you work as a team and not an individual, I am sure that you get the luck you need.

"Now I have time to see my best line up."

With an international break coming up, Advocaat plans to use the time to get his side ready for their derby against North-East rivals Newcastle United on April 5. 

"In the home game in derbies, that gives a big advantage," he said. "Tactically we withstood well, though we didn't create a lot of chances, but in a home game with our fans behind us we can do even better.

"Now for us every game is important as we need points and the next game, Newcastle, is the most important thing."