Mancini: Pellegrini ‘got lucky’

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Mancini thinks Pellegrini was “really lucky” to inherit a strong side from him and he should be delivering continual success at the Etihad Stadium.

Pellegrini did win two trophies last season, but the Chilean is now under heavy pressure with City faltering in their Premier League title defence and facing an uphill task to overcome Barcelona in the last 16 of the Champions League.

Mancini, who was sacked by City in 2013 despite winning the Premier League title the previous year, told CNN: “I think Pellegrini was really lucky because he got this team that is a strong team and he has a chance to put in more good players.

“I think City can win a title every year and have a chance – it should and must try to win a title every year.”

The Italian???s jibe came on the eve of the second leg of City’s showdown with Barcelona as they head to the Nou Camp trailing 2-1.

The success or otherwise of City’s season now appears to hinge on the outcome of that game, as they trail Premier League leaders Chelsea by six points having played a game more.

But Mancini said: “It’s my opinion that City is the best team in the Premier League. It’s in second and six points behind Chelsea but I think it’s the best team.

“In the Premier League anything can happen right up to the last game, in the last minute. I think they should think that they have a chance to win the title.”