Roach: We will be incharge against Mayweather

I didn’t quit against Crawford – Khan

Roach says they plan on taking Mayweather out of his comfort zone early by taking the fight to him.

"We want to start fast," he says. "I want to take Mayweather out of his comfort zone right away."

"Maybe he (Pacquiao) is going to be landing combinations, (moving) in and out, making him miss," he explained. "I see a very aggressive start in this fight."

The trainer has always had a plan for a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight from five years ago, when they were meant to clash and feels his strategy will be spot on come May 2.

"I was really passionate about this fight happening," he said. 

"We are finally here, and my fighter is motivated. I'm motivated. I'm thrilled to be here," he added.