Dos Anjos eyeing Nurmagomedov rematch

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However, even though dos Anjos is eager to avenge his loss to Nurmagomedov in November 2014, he will have to wait and see whether the Russian will beat Donald Cerrone in a UFC lightweight contender match at UFC 187 on May 23. 

"I still have that loss against Khabib," dos Anjos told The MMA Hour. "Khabib has a tough fight, Cerrone is a tough opponent. I don’t know how it’s gonna be to come back from a bad injury and fight against him, but we’ll see. If he beats Cerrone, okay, I’ll fight. I don’t have any preference. I’ll be ready for anyone of them."

While he doesn't mind who he fights next, dos Anjos believes that going up against Nurmagomedov will be a lot more interesting and entertaining. 

"Yeah, I think so, because I lost to him and I would like to get it cleared," he said. "But it’s another time now. Everything changed. The next fight will be a different fight."

But, until the opponent for his next fight is revealed, dos Anjos wants to let his injuries recover and spend some time with his family. 

"I fought five times for the last 11 months," he said. "I had six camps, because I had one fight cancelled against Rustam Khabilov. I had six camps in 11 months. My body is bruised up.

"I never had so many injuries in my life, and for the last month I started feeling different injuries in my body. I just want to spend some time with my family. I don’t want to think about fighting right now."