Thompson sidelined with ankle injury

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After injuring his ankle in the third quarter, Thompson continued on playing for three more minute before he left to get it re-taped. 

Thompson returned in the fourth quarter and ended up scoring 26 points, grabbing three rebounds, dishing out one assist and blocking one shot at the Oracle Arena. 

"He said it didn't hurt that bad at all. It wasn't a bad sprain," head coach Steve Kerr said at the team's practice facility on Tuesday. " So he went to the locker room, got it re-taped. They got it checked out. [The trainers] said he was fine."

However, Kerr revealed that Thompson's injury became significantly worse after the game ended. 

"He came back and played and a lot of time the adrenaline just carries you through during a game and I think that's probably what happened, but he didn't re-injure it when he went back out," he said. "It's just a normal postgame swelling and it turned out to be a little more than expected."

But, Kerr doesn't see Thompson's injury as a bad thing since it will give other players on the roster a chance to step up and shine. 

"It's not a bad thing. We get playing time for Justin [Holiday] and [Leandro Barbosa] and play Shaun [Livingston] a little bit more, play Harrison [Barnes] in that spot," he said. "There's always a silver lining and ways to help your team through adversity."

Thompson has been averaging 21.9 points, 3.2 rebounds 2.9 assists and 1.13 steals per game this season.