Sunderland appeal Brown’s red

F1 British Grand Prix – Valtteri Bottas pole position lap

Brown was dismissed by referee Roger East when television??replays showed it was team-mate John O’Shea who should have been sent off.

Sunderland confirmed their intention to appeal on their official website and??have until 1pm on Monday to lodge the appeal.

Boss Gus Poyet was baffled??as to why Brown was dimissed, saying after the game: “The referee told the players there were two fouls. One committed by John O’Shea and one committed by Wes Brown.

“He gave the Wes Brown one so that’s why he sent him off. Wes Brown didn’t touch anyone, so I don’t know what he saw. How can you give a penalty that didn’t happen?”

And Wayne Rooney offered his backing to his former team-mate, adding:?????I don???t think it was Wes – it looked like Sheasy so the referee has got it wrong and I???m sure they will look at that and rescind Wes??? red card.”