Rousey beats Zingano in just 14s

‘Nobody has hit better than me this week’ – Koepka on his ball-striking during third round

This was the quickest win the UFC bantamweight champion has earned in her 11 fights, and 10th first round victory, her fourth consecutive title defence, and it will go a long way towards shoring up her position as the finest female fighter in the sport of MMA.

Zingano had been expected to come out aggressively, but she was defeated when she charged straight towards Rousey, she first threw Ronda over her head, but the champion wasted no time replying. She then flipped Zingano over in return and defeated her with her favourite, an armbar tapout submission.

This was Zingano's first defeat in her nine professional fights, and unfortunately for her, the speed with which she was defeated is a new UFC record. 

After the fight Rousey, who won an Olympic bronze medal for judo in 2008, said: "We were expecting that she might come out and just do something flying at me right away."