UFC announces new testing protocols

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The UFC called a special press conference to announce the protocol, which will be applied to all of UFC's fighters from July 2015 onwards. UFC President Dana White and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta spoke to reporters in Las Vegas to reveal their plans to combat the use of banned substances among the approximately 585 fighters on their roster.

The UFC has been embroiled in a series of recent controversies after light heavyweight champion Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine metabolites and then UFC legend Anderson Silva tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

The UFC has also said they will enforce much stricter suspensions and fines for fighters who test positive for banned substances. 

Fertitta said: "Given the recent spate of high-profile cases, we felt like we needed to do this sooner rather than later. For the good of the sport, for the integrity of the sport, for what we're trying to do here, we needed to address this issue ASAP.

"You may be not training at all, but someone may show up to take a random sample. We're talking to these third-party agencies to see how many tests we need to do to be sure we have a clean sample to be sure our athletes are clean.

"We certainly advocate for (a two-year ban). We are committed to it in every way that you possibly could be. There should be no mistake there. This is a call-out to all of the athletes on our roster: You'll be tested in competition, you’ll be tested out of competition, and if you're using, you will be caught, and there will be significant penalties that go along with that."

White added: "Fighters are going to look at risk vs. reward. If I can make a couple million dollars, I'll take the risk. Two or four years (of suspension) could be career threatening. Now you look at the risk vs. reward, and it's a lot more dangerous."