Chaos continues at Parma

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Club president Giampietro Manenti said the funds would be in the players??? accounts ???today or tomorrow??? after finalising a foreign bank transfer on Monday.

But it is understood that members of the team are considering legal action against the club, which is currently on the verge of bankruptcy.

Sky Sources inside the club admit such a course of action would destabilise the two-time UEFA Cup winners??? finances to a critical level.

Bailiffs for Italy???s tax authorities were seen at the training ground on Tuesday after the club, currently bottom of Serie A, failed to pay their tax bill for July-September last year.

Parma, who were deducted one point in December for a similar offence, could face a fresh two-point penalty once the federal inspectors have finished with the club.

Fans have become increasingly frustrated with the situation over the last few months, with tensions boiling over on Tuesday evening.

Police are now investigating after a series of threats and insults were aimed at former chairman Tommaso Ghirardi, who is blamed by many for plunging the club further into debt.