Fung has MMO strategy

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The US$3 million tournament will feature top golfers from all over the world teeing off at the Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club, but Fung thinks he can be up among the best.

Fung said: "It's a very narrow course and the strategy is to keep the ball in play. But this course is troublesome… there are too many traps. The first nine is your scoring nine. Holes four and five are very makeable. Hole 10, if you drive it well, can be an easy hole. Then, you come to the stretch I call the Amen Corner from holes 11 to 15.

"This is where you just hit your shot and pray hard that your ball will find the hole. If you drop just one or two shots in that five-hole stretch, I'd say it is a pretty good day.

"After that, 16 is makeable and 17 and 18 should give you good chances for a birdie."

He added: "Last year, my results weren’t as good as in 2013 but I felt I was playing more consistently. I was making more cuts, so hopefully that consistency will pay off here.

"I don't want to aim so high this year. I made the cut for the first time here last year in seven appearances.

"I've prepared everything for this week. And I don't want to put unnecessary pressure on myself. I want to go out there and have some fun and play some good golf."