Jones rehab stint was one night

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According to reports MMA light heavyweight champion Jon Jones only spent one night in rehab after testing positive for cocaine.

Days after his title defence against Daniel Cormier, Jones was disgraced when the news broke that he had tested positive for cocaine before the fight.

At the time Jones released a statement saying he would be attending drug rehabilitation, but now it  has emerged that he only stayed in rehab for one night.

In an interview on the subject Jones' mother Camille Jones says she is glad her son tested positive when he did.

She said: "I'm glad that this happened to Jon, this stopped him in his tracks, this let him know that he may need to change some friends, you know, because everyone is not for you for the best. Me and my husband considered it a blessing from God that our child was able to be helped and know that he need to stop and know that he needed the assistance to stop before it came to something worse."

"When he tested positive, my first question was, do you have a problem, a serious problem? And then he told me what happened. Jon is usually very honest with me, so he told me what happened. I was like, good for you… good. You needed to be caught, it was just timing.

"You know, it did not affect his game, it was not in his system during the fight, so he's still a good athlete. So before something becomes serious of it, I was glad it was nipped in the bud."