Lloyd: No truth in Gayle claim

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Neither Dwayne Bravo nor Kieron Pollard made the 15-man cut for the tournament, a decision experienced opener Chris Gayle called “ridiculous”.

Bravo captained a squad featuring Pollard on the tour of India that collapsed towards the end of last year amid a row between the players and the West Indies Cricket Board.

Gayle’s claims of “victimisation” appeared to suggest the pair were paying the price for that revolt, but Lloyd insists their omission is purely tactical and says the door remains open.

He told the SportsMax Zone: “It was not easy to leave out those two guys. It is a discussion that went on and on and on and in the end we thought that we have so many all-rounders.

“We were trying to see if we can introduce some new faces and as far as I am concerned I think we have a good all-round one-day side. It is not a situation where these guys have been wiped away. They have a chance at playing for the West Indies again.

“We think that it is important that we have a settled side. I have no axe to grind, I don???t dislike anybody. We want the best for the West Indies.”

Addressing Gayle’s criticism specifically, he said: “I am very disappointed Chris said that because he is somebody I respect, but he is not a selector.

“He might think it was victimisation but I have nothing against him. Quite a few of the other players (from the India tour) are playing – why are they not victimised?”