Morado to open exclusive training courses for setters

Creamline’s Jia Morado is arguably one of the best playmakers in the country today.

Best known for fast-paced plays and impeccable ability to turn loose balls into the gem of a set for her hitters, the 24-year-old national team setter has earned multiple individual accolades and championships throughout her career.

And now, she will be sharing her wits and skills to other aspiring setters.

Morado is set to open the “Setter’s Course with Jia Morado”, a closed-door training program for 12 setters only, next month.

The announcement was made by Morado herself through her Twitter account on Tuesday night.

She wrote: “Our ultimate goal is to do our part in growing the game — one solid seven team at a time. And what’s a solid team without a solid setter? We’re excited to be a part of your volleyball journey.”

Morado will be at the helm of the exclusive training, sharing firsthand expertise as a court general in using the full arsenal of her team.

For full details, read it here:

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