Q&A with UAAP Commissioner Noreen Go

The UAAP volleyball tournament starts this weekend, and fans have been abuzz with excitement on social media.

But behind the bright lights at the venue is the UAAP commissioner, the person tasked to keep the much-awaited competition sailing smoothly all throughout.

This year, it will be Noreen Go manning the position for the country’s most popular volleyball league.

FOX Sports PH talked to the veteran volleyball analyst to learn more about what’s new and what to be excited about Season 78.

FOX: As the UAAP commissioner, what is your role in the tournament?
Noreen: To make sure the tournament runs in an orderly manner which includes selecting and managing referees, and ensuring all teams act accordingly.

FOX: What are your plans for the upcoming indoor volleyball tournament?
Noreen: We made a selection of the best referees so as to be able to enhance the game through excellent officiating and proper decision making.

FOX: How was the planning of the tournament, given that volleyball is becoming popular year after year?
Noreen: The UAAP already has a tried and tested blueprint in terms of providing a premiere volleyball tournament to the players and fans, we just improved on the quality of the officiating.

FOX: What are your specific plans in order to meet the demands of the growing audience?
Noreen: We have booked different venues so as to be able to address the capacity issues

FOX: What is special in this year’s UAAP volleyball tournament?
Noreen: Players are better, teams are stronger, expect longer and more exciting rallies this year.

FOX: How is this year’s tournament different from the previous years? (Rules, technicalities, etc.)
Noreen: For those who are not aware, FIVB approved the net contact rule -that contact with the net by a player between the antennae, during the action of playing the ball, is now a fault. Reverted back to the old rule.

FOX: Are you rooting for any specific team, or what team should the other teams and the audience watch out for?
Noreen: As commissioner, I am for the sport of volleyball and no team in particular. Every other team is out to beat the defending champions, ADMU (men’s and women’s) so it will be a mad race towards the finals

FOX: In terms of the competition among the teams, how do you think this season will be different from the previous seasons?
Noreen: Players train hard so they get better and stronger so we should expect better and longer rallies

FOX: Why should the audience be excited with the upcoming UAAP volleyball tournament?
Noreen: Many teams have gone through the rebuilding stages and should now be in the “rebirth” stage. Games should be more exciting. It will be hard to list down the teams that will make it to the final four, that’s how competitive season 78 will be.

By Arylle Magtalas