‘Bali Pure is strongest team, Pocari Sweat is best family’

For Pocari Sweat team manager Eric Anthony Ty, Myla Pablo should be named MVP of the 13th Shakey’s V-League Open Conference.

Ty made the bold statement minutes after Pablo and the rest of the Lady Warriors turned back an Alyssa Valdez-led Bali Pure in a do-or-die Game 3 of the semifinals Monday at the PhilSports Arena.

“That’s a big time player. If she does not win MVP from the V-League, hindi ko na alam ano ang kailangan mo,” he told FOX Sports.

Though Pablo missed a couple of games in the first round, she more than made up for it especially in Pocari’s last 2 outings where the outside hitter averaged 26 points, besting everyone in the game in terms of scoring.

On Pablo playing through her injuries, Ty shares: “She’s clutch. She will fight hard. She will score a lot of points and she will do defense. Kahit ano kailangan ng team gagawin niya. That’s an MVP.”

The performance of Pablo turned a lot of heads as it was a complete contrast to how she did in her last tour of duty for NU in Season 78.

While considered to be a top tier spiker in the UAAP, the Tarlac native failed to lead the Lady Bulldogs to the Final Four, ending her collegiate career on a sour note.

Asked how the coaching staff brought out the best in Pablo, Ty said that more than being a team, Pocari Sweat is a family.

“What inspired her, we are a family. She imbibed the culture of the team that is a family,” he said, beaming with pride.

“Family tayo, walang iwanan. No one will let anyone down,” he added. “She exerted more effort than she has ever done before. Kahit masakit na masakit na talaga katawan niya, pipilitin niya para walang iiyak sa team.”

Present during the 4-set victory, Ty was a picture of relief now that his wards are off to the finals after defeating a team he considers ‘the best in the league.’

“Wow. Finals na! Ganun kataas ang relief ko. Hindi biro kalabanin ang Bali Pure three straight times. They are the strongest team in the league. They have the best player in the UAAP. They have the best player in the NCAA,” Ty shared talking about Valdez and Soltones, respectively.

“Ang swerte lang namin (na) we have the best family. Sometimes, family thrives over teams na puro all-star. Ito everybody knows their roles,” he reiterated. “My players are injured. May mga dislocated na fingers. May mga ripped na abdomen. Wala silang pakialam kasi pamilya kami. Ang pamilya walang iwanan.”

With a 6-day break, the Lady Warriors will have a chance to recuperate from their injuries and prepare a game plan to take down their first round tormentor Philippine Air Force.

Asked for a message for his team’s next foe, Ty closed by saying: “Hi, Air Force. See you on July 13. It’s a date!” — By Mac Dionisio