Big part of Creamline revival has to do with Laura Schaudt’s new ‘position’

Laura Schaudt has not played in the middle position for more than seven years. But when the opposite hitter was tasked to lead the Creamline’s first line of defense, an interesting twist to her stint here in the Philippines provided a huge change for the Cool Smashers.

Midway through the Premier Volleyball League Reinforced Conference, Schaudt was forced to switch position in order to give the struggling Cool Smashers a chance to revive their season.

No, Schaudt has not attempted to do running hits or quick hits. But her shift in the middle provided the opportunity for the team’s management to field the new recruit Jema Galanza to the opposite to give them a more diverse offense.

The move was quite a success on Tuesday, when the Cool Smashers avoided elimination and beat BaliPure in five sets, forcing a do-or-die semis game on Thursday.

“It’s been interesting. I think in the beginning, it was more intimidating but now I’m getting more comfortable with the role,” Schaudt told FOX Sports.

“We’ve changed things so I’m not hitting quick attacks like a true middle would but we change it so I’m hitting higher even though I’m in the midle, which makes sense in our team dynamics.”

The American import admitted she did not expect to play in a different position and even shared her initial struggle playing at the midddle. But being a team player, Schaudt vowed do everything to help the team win.

“I played two years in high school, but it’s the first time in seven years that I’ve played in the middle. I understand why, because it makes sense with the team. I’m happy to fill in the role,” beamed the American.

“The hardest part is the blocking. Because when you’re in the opposite, you only have to worry about one or two players, but n the middle, you should be aware of both directions and quickly getting there. It’s challenge for me,” she added.

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