LOOK: Gretchen Ho still lives up to coach Roger Gorayeb’s teachings

Gretchen Ho

Seasoned mentor Roger Gorayeb is known for winning titles but his role as a volleyball coach is more than that.

He is a father-figure to some players.

And one of them is former Ateneo de Manila University stalwart turned TV host Gretchen Ho, who revealed that she’s still trying to live up to Gorayeb’s teachings outside of the court.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday night, Ho shared a photo of her reuniting with Gorayeb when they bumped inside a mall and had a late night conversation.

“My coach taught me so many things that I try to live up to this day: discipline, sacrifice, playing for mere passion, giving 120% in everything we do, humility, simplicity, gratitude, thinking about “we” before “me” and having the intensity, and drive for excellence,” she wrote as the photo’s caption.

Ho also added how her ‘coach’, Gorayeb, continues to guide her — even from a far.

“Here he is, still checking out my social media posting time (just like volleyball days) and telling me to sleep early because I have Umagang Kay Ganda the next day (which he watches)…”

Volleyball is more than just a sport.

It builds special relationships which coaches and players cherish forever.
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