Undermanned, underperformed: Reviewing BaliPure’s 2019 PVL Reinforced Conference campaign

Despite the individual strengths of their foreign reinforcements, the BaliPure Water Defenders struggled all throughout the 2019 PVL Reinforced Conference as they ended up last in the tournament.

With a retooled lineup, the Water Defenders failed to pose dominance in the conference as they finished their season without a single victory.

Out of ten games, BaliPure only managed to get four sets, two of which they won in a five-setter against Motolite, a game they eventually lost despite their two-set advantage.

For the Water Defenders, it was a clear case of needing a stronger supporting cast.

After the elimination round, only their guest players Danijela Dzakovic and Alexandra Vajdova fared well in terms of individual statistics. Both players proved how much their team depended on them, finishing as the top seventh and eighth scorers of the conference with 128 and 127 points respectively.

Additionally, Vajdova proved her being asset of the team as she finished ninth in the spiking department and tenth in receiving.

Meanwhile, open spiker Grazielle Bombita was the only local player to support their two reinforcements in scoring duties, finishing 16th in the conference with 86 points.

Setter Vira Guillema also fared well in her department, finishing fourth in the best setter race with 2.91 average excellent sets per set.

While these three players did their best for their team, the Water Defenders still found themselves struggling all throughout the tournament, evident with their team statistics.

Save for the blocking and service departments where they placed fifth, BaliPure placed last in the other skill departments.

BaliPure’s performance in the Reinforced Conference is a testament that no team will go far if they don’t get everyone to do their part the best that they can. With their two guest players being their one-two punch all throughout the tournament, it became easier for the other teams to mark their scoring aces and block any chances for success.

With the Open Conference right around the corner, the Water Defenders need to develop or find a stronger supporting cast if they want to find success in their next campaigns. With the teams getting stronger every tournament, it is imperative for BaliPure to level up with the competition.

The Water Defenders look to improve their last place finish in the 2019 PVL Open Conference next month as they seek their second championship in the league.


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