Ranking the Jerseys in the PVL Reinforced Conference

Aside from reinforcing the teams with foreign imports, the Premier Volleyball League also reinforced the competition with its distinct upgrade in team uniforms.

Fans agreed that the current PVL jerseys are among the best uniforms to date in Philippine Volleyball. The design and cut is unique, something we have seen in tournaments abroad like the Turkish Volleyball League. Although all teams have the same cut, the color combination made other squads stood out among the rest.

Fox Sports PH grades the PVL uniforms from good to better and then best.


Balipure-NU Water Defenders

Sure the integration of the green color separates the Water Defenders from the also blue and white squad Pocari Lady Warriors. But the shade does not somehow complement the warmness of its two main colors.

Tacloban Fighting Warays

We don’t see much fight from this color combination of the Fighting Warays jersey. They looked like the former Air Force squad here. They could have used different colors to represent the resilience and fighting spirit of the people from Tacloban.

Petro Gazz Angels

This one is not something new to the eyes. The shade of red and white is something we have seen in Philippine Superliga with Cignal HD Spikers and in the UAAP with the UE Lady Warriors. But Petro Gazz succeeded in showing that Angels can soar in red and white without looking like they are the villain.


Iriga-Navy Lady Oragons

Purple, just like pink, is not something that is commonly use in volleyball tournaments. But with the collaboration of Iriga and Navy, they have established their own identity by using this color.

Banko Perlas Spikers

The Spikers shed themselves with new identity this season. By adding a shade of red to their previously black and white sleeves, Banko Perlas is sending a bold message that they are a more dangerous squad now.

Pocari- Airforce Lady Warriors

Simple yet classic. The classic blue and white will always remind us of Myla Pablo and the three-time PVL Champions Pocari Sweat Lady Warriors. They even made these colors their own as they forged partnership with the Air Force, who previously donned the blue and white jerseys.


Creamline Cool Smashers

Who would have thought that hot pink can be a statement color for volleyball jersey or in any sport for that matter? The high energy of the Cool Smashers have reflected in their uniforms and they have accomplished in bringing us ‘good vibes’ while enjoying the sport.

PayMaya High Flyers

Many fans have lauded PayMaya’s jersey. The color mix does not irritate the eyes of people watching them. The details in the lower part also add aesthetic to the uniform. It represents the modern jersey and has elegance that other PVL uniforms did not achieve.

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