Following her successful debut, Mau says she feels “at home” with F2

It has only been a week since Kalei Mau’s arrival to F2 Logistics, but for the outside spiker, she already felt at home.

Mau successfully made her debut for the Cargo Movers in the Philippine Superliga (PSL) All Filipino Conference 2019 as she steered them to a sizzling three-set win over PLDT Home Fibr earlier.

The towering Fil-Hawaiian spiker immediately displayed what she can bring to the table as she amassed 14 kills, two aces and a block for game-high 17 points.

“I definitely sat it was a successful experiment. I’ve had only jusy a few practices and we didn’t actually play six-on-six yet. So everything was just drills so I really have to improvise with my setter,” said Mau.

It was an impressive first outing for Mau, who was only listed as reserve during the opening weekend following her late transfer to the three-time champs. She replaced Tin Tiamzon in the roster.

But aside from the win, what made Mau extremely happy with her decision of moving to F2 Logistics was the way they warmly welcomed her into the fold.

“I felt like I was at home. I felt aloha spirit right off the bat. I couldn’t ask the girls to be more, more welcoming to me,” said Mau.

Mau moved to F2 Logistics last week following the disbandment of United Volleyball Club. It didn’t take her long to join the ladies in yellow.

For her, playing under the tutelage of Ramil de Jesus is not only a golden opportunity to hone her craft but is also a blessing.

In fact, she revealed that joining the Cargo Movers is one of the best decisions she ever made.

“After an unfortunate first few days back here in the Philippines, they picked me up. My spirit aas back to normal, baxk to regular Kalei so I’m really happy. I’m blessed to be able ro land this team,” said Mau.

Mau and the rest of F2 Logistics will take one Foton Tornadoes next.

Photo credit F2 Logistics Cargo Movers Facebook page


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