F2 Logistics-PLDT game momentarily postponed due to extreme venue heat

Due to extreme heat in the venue, the highly-contested match between F2 Logistics and PLDT Home Fibr in the Philippine Superliga (PSL) All Filipino Conference 2019 has to be postponed.

At the 8-7 juncture of the third frame, the Cargo Movers and the Power Hitters cleared the playing area after the temperature inside the Corpus Christi Gymnasium in Cagande de Oro (CDO) became intolerable.

This, after the league, brought the double-header Saturday action to CDO as part of its Spike On Tour campaign, which seeks to bring top-notch volleyball action closer to non-Manila-based fans.

Per the PSL Twitter page, the game will be resumed after the “temperature inside the gymnasium comes down or the AC’s start to work again”.

The incident received mixed reactions both from the fans inside the venue and from the fans watching at home.

As of posting time, the game has resumed.

F2 Logistics and PLDT have bagged one set apiece, with the latter taking the Cargo Movers by surprise in the first set with 18-25 win while the former equalized in the second with 28-26.

(Image from Facebook/Philippine Superliga)

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