Cheng, Baron jump to Maraño’s defense after the middle blocker’s controversial block on Casugod

Desiree Cheng, Majoy Baron and more quickly jumped to Aby Maraño’s defense after the F2 Logistics middle blocker drew flak online regarding her controversial staredown on PLDT’s Gen Casugod.

At the 8-7 mark of the intense fifth set during their second-round clash in the Philippine Superliga (PSL) All Filipino Conference 2019 last Saturday, Maraño thwarted Casugod’s hit attempt from the middle, earning the Cargo Movers another point and tying the game at 8 all.

Maraño, known for her feisty attitude inside the court, was seen allegedly trash talking Casugod following that kill block.

This did not sit well to some volleyball aficionados.

User @Ackazookeen said that Maraño deserved a yellow card for her behavior. The user hoped the referees made appropriate interventions.

Furthermore, the national team skipper’s behavior was a “disgrace to the volleyball community”, according to user @altercation89.

Meanwhile, user @MessMinchin3 said that taunting a player who fell after a rejected spike attempt is not acceptable.

Following this, Maraño’s former and current teammates took to Twitter to defend the La Salle alum.

Baron said that no one can take down the “one of a kind” player, pertaining to her partner in the middle for F2 Logistics.

Likewise, Gyra Barroga said that Maraño is a “very inspiring ate”, and that the latter should not be judged if people don’t know her personally.

Cheng, who has also been at the receiving end of criticisms before, wrote: “Yeap 💯💯💯 !!! Love you, mamatyang 💖 @Abymarano”

Other fans also threw their support to Maraño.

(Image from Facebook/F2 Logistics)

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