Latigay on controversial Maraño-Casugod block: ‘Warning warning din pag may time’

PLDT Home Fibr’s Lou Ann Latigay could not help but break her silence following the controversial Aby Maraño-Geneveve Casugod exchange in the Philippine SuperLiga (PSL) All Filipino Conference 2019.

In a Facebook post on Sunday, Latigay called out referees to be more strict when it comes to giving warnings on tauntings and trash-talking following the incident which involved Maraño’s behavior after an empathic block on PLDT’s Casugod during the crucial stretch of their five-set encounter.

According to the outside hitter, the alleged behavior will just continue if ignored and not given proper warnings.

“Ignoring this kind of behavior is the surest guarantee that it will continue. Warning warning din pag may time,” she wrote in her post, where Casugod was tagged alongside teammates Sasa Devandera and Tatan Pantone.



Tied with two sets apiece, the action between F2 Logistics and PLDT was intense in the fifth with the former managing to maintain their cool down the wire.

At the 8-7 mark, Maraño denied Casugod’s attempt from the middle, knotting the match anew before the Power Hitters made a 3-0 run to take the driver’s seat en route to victory.

Maraño then drew ire from volleyball fans as she was seen allegedly trash-talking Casugod, who, at that time, was on the floor trying to recover from the block.

Several players including Des Cheng and Majoy Baron from the Cargo Movers and Gyra Barroga have since defended Maraño.

PLDT won the match, 25-21, 26-28, 15-25, 19-25, 15-11, avenging its first-round loss from F2 Logistics.

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