PSL: Arado shines anew in win against F2 Logistics

Kath Arado

If there is one person to attribute all the good plays the Generika Ayala Lifesavers are running this PSL All Filipino Conference, it would be no less than Kath Arado.

The extraordinary libero has been doing wonders for the Lifeavers early in the season, manning the floor like a true warrior unafraid to go berserk once warranted.

In their breakout victory against one of the league’s favorites, F2 Logistics, Arado displayed her usual game theatrics — excellent receptions and on-point digs.

All along, the University of the East standout made it hard for the Cargo Movers to score points with her excellent floor defense.

Arado’s statistics, in fact, will show how she worked hard for that win. In four sets, the minute libero registered 68.33% (41 out of 60) digging efficiency and 62.5% (15 of 24) receiving efficiency.

Her counterpart F2 Logistics’ libero Dawn Macandili, on the other hand, garnered 76.92% (30 out of 39) digging efficiency.

Arado’s efforts did not fall on blind eyes as volleyball fans took to Twitter to praise the hard working libero.

Times have changed. While the libero position is a non-scoring skill, it does create wonders in the overall team performance, and Arado’s near perfect act is a testament to that.

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